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Miss Jes PinUp 4 One Day

Miss Jes PinUp
Jesica is originally from Argentina but she grew up in Sicily, Italy. In the past ten years she is has had the chance to live in four different continents and experience new adventures, while being exposed to a great variety of lifestyles, everyday realities and diverse cultural repertoires. Living and working in multicultural environments allowed she to improve her language skills while enhancing her cultural awareness. What she has learnt from her journeys is to appreciate diversity, no matter the background. Life is full of stereotypes. For instance, people are used to thinking that Eastern women wear exclusively black or that French ladies love berets… well, these ideas do not exactly reflect reality.

She writes a review for us:

To prove it and dispel these popular urban legends, I would like to invite women across the planet on a journey through fashion, by rediscovering the pin-up fashion in a place that many may consider an atypical environment for this retro, classy style: Thailand. The pin-up culture celebrates women and embraces their natural figure. Pin-up inspired accessories, hairstyles, clothing and make up may look rather conservative yet sophisticated and elegant, showing less of what they’re supposed to show, still enhancing the curves and making you look like a star. With this being said, all you need is a great professional photographer to take your amazing pictures and you will star in your pin-up fashion editorial with pinup4oneday!

Miss Jes is Miss June on our Vintage Calendar 2019!!!


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Picture and Edit: PinUp4OneDay, Mr. David Outfit, makeup and hairstyle: Pinup4oneday Team Vintage Car: OldiesWorks Garage co.Ltd Chiang Mai  

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