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Meet the Team

We are a Team and our strength is the union of Love for vintage and Pin Up culture, the Talent for photography and image correction programs and the great Passion in sharing tips about Vintage Fashion, Lifestyle, Hairstyle, Makeup, Tattoo, Travel and Motors!


Mr. David

Vintage Photographer & Owner

Mr. David
Mr. David

After working as a Cabin Crew in the Italian flag carrier for 15 years, he moved to Chiang Mai with his wife, Miss Malì. The desire to create something new in this  beautiful country has convinced him to brush up on his great passions to help raise awareness of Pin Up culture in Thailand, giving life to the PinUp4OneDay project.Director, owner and Vintage Photographer of Pin Up 4 One Day, Mr. David loves vintage cars and motorcycles and Old School tattoos… he does not like football, it’s unusual for an italian men! He has always had a great passion for design and photography.

“I’m not a professional, in everything I do I let myself be guided by passion and love for beauty, in all its forms.”


At the moment Mr. David is:

  • General Manager at OldiesWorks Garage Chiang Mai, the best vintage Volkswagen restoration workshop in Thailand
  • Director, owner and Vintage Photographer of Pin Up 4 One Day
  • Designer for a record company and a Chinese music band

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Miss Malì

Vintage Fashion Blogger and Pin Up model

Miss Malì Pin Up
Miss Malì

Vintage Fashion Blogger on Pin Up 4 One Day, Roberta is characterized by her all-Italian radiance and elegance.

In Thailand, where she married with Mr. David, who is also her official photographer, she managed to find the Pin Up hidden in her… and it was a really beautiful and exciting discovery, a real rebirth! A new name given by hers Thai friends: Miss Malì, which means Jasmine Flower, in Thai language.

An incurable dreamer and creative, she is directly involved in different travel, editing, marketing and communication projects (Professional Profile on Linkedin).

His father was a famous roman hairdresser and her mother was a make-up artist, Miss Malì has been immersed since she was a child in the world of beauty!

Growing up, after bachelor degree in Cultural Heritage for tourism operators and 15 years of work experience in Italy in Public Administrations and private companies such as Marketing Communications Managers, Destination and Sport Tourism Managers, Event Designers and Social Media Content Managers, as well as experiences as a Tour Leader around Europe… from 2015 changes life and moves to Thailand!

Miss Malì will help you with her tips to be smiling, inside and outside, just like a real Pin Up, creating the perfect vintage outfit fit for you!

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Miss Miky Mellow

Vintage Fashion Blogger and Pin Up model

Miss Miky Mellow, Pin Up
Miss Miky Mellow

I grow up in a little city in the south of Italy, Catanzaro, where my mother and her sister have a Boutique since the ’80. In my shop I rise up the passion for fashion and Italian style, there I was visual merchandiser because I love to prepare Shop windows and organize all the spaces. But the best part of that work was help our customers to find what make them feel good.

I studied Political Science in Naples, a city full of good vibes you can go around and feel like Sofia Loren, so, one of my favorite activities was going around the city with my friends on a Vespa. In Naples I increase my passion for food eating the amazing street-food of the city and I improve my self cooking while I was living in a student’s house.

Since I was a teenager I love make up, and once I read a quote of an Italian film producer: “Never change because only women without personality often change their look”. So, I decide that my skin have always to be covered with light face powder, my eyes need the black eyeliner and my lips the red lipstick.

When I meet in Thailand Mr. David and Miss Malì, they tell me that actually I am a Pin Up, so I start to be more and more interested in the pin up world. Also because I always have the passion for 50’s style and furniture. I love pin up because they are a symbol of sexuality and freedom, each woman can be a pin up and feel amazing accepting her body and her own beauty.

I am always been a fat girl but not always I feel so confident of my body. At one point I get conscious of my body and of the real meaning of beauty. Now I am 30 years old and I am proud of my body, and I know that my curves are my strength. I am proud to be a curvy girl and mainly a Curvy Pin Up.

So, this is the meaning of my nick name… I am Miss Miky Mellow because I am soft like a Marshmallow.

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Miss Chris

Fashion Designer, Pin Up model and Instagram social media marketing

Miss Chris PinUp
Miss Chris

Christangela was born in 1992 in Nigeria and grew up in Italy.

She studied and travelled around the world for her biggest passion: Fashion! Finally she decided to live here in Thailand, where Miss Chris meets talented young people. Pin-Up 4 One day is an amazing experience for me, no matter your dress size, pin-up girls wear clothes that accentuate assets, bring out sexual appeal, and make look gorgeous, fun, and elegant at the same time. Channel your inner pin-up girl with balance style and natural beauty, grace, and confidence. I would suggest to all girl that love ’40-50s combination of Burlesque, Rockabilly and Old Hollywood Glamour.


Become a PinUp 4 One Day, living an amazing and unforgettable experience in Thailand!


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