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Our goal is to spread the Pin Up style and culture here in Thailand.

Alberto Vargas, Pin Up, Vargas Girl
Alberto Vargas: Perù 1896 – United States 1982

Our inspiration comes from love for the Pin Up style and vintage motors, and the fact that, despite being an elegant and sophisticated style, there is no age, size, race or genre: the Pin Up style is for everyone, at least for a day, to feel even more “Women”, carefree, confident and beautiful, both outside and inside!

Living in Thailand since January 2015 we have noticed that here, although the culture is totally different from the Western one, vintage finds a large following but it is currently not widespread the combination with the Pin Up style in women’s fashion… they like a lot bandana and Thailand is called The Land of Smiles, and this smile is the basis for feeling Pin Up!

Gillette Elvgren, Pin Up
Gillette Elvgren: 1914-1980, United States

Our Blog Pin Up 4 One Day is, therefore, a place where you can find inspiration for your style, learn the story of Pin Up and connect with vintage lovers friends, who share our interests.

Let’s see in detail some history and dates: the entrance of America in the Second World War in 1941 triggered the golden age of Pin Up (literally translatable from English as “to hang”). Images of beautiful, smiling women adorned the solitary military lockers, the walls of the barracks, and even the sides of the planes.

For the first time in history, the US military has unofficially promoted this type of art: photos, magazines and calendars have been sent and distributed among the troops, often government financed, to “raise morale” and remind young people to what they are fighting for.
The golden age of Pin Up was therefore between 1940 and 1950, but the Pin Up culture is still in alive.

This can be noticed not only in fashion where we see for example, even here in Thailand they use to wear colored bandanas in the hair, but you can see it also in photography, tattoos and merchandising. Moreover, from our research we can see how on Instagram, since 2010, when this Social Media was born, over 6 million and 200 thousand photos have been published tagged #pinup. The numbers continue to grow and this means that there will be more Pin Up in the future!

Starting from the famous illustrations and drawings by Alberto Vargas and Gillette Elvgren, up to the Pin Up of today, we see who are our icons that best inspire our Pin Up fantasies, from yesterday until today:



Betty Grable

Betty Grable, Pin Up
Betty Grable: 1916-1973, United States

Her full name was Elizabeth Ruth Grable, nicknamed “The Legs” (The Legs), she was a Pin Up, actress, dancer and singer, with a record career. For the annual ranking of the U.S. Treasury Department, in fact, was the richest woman in America for 2 consecutive years, 1946 and 1947, with an estimated capital of over 3 Million Dollars! Beautiful, very clever and intelligent, the Grable was celebrated as a sex symbol all over the world and was famous for its legs, which had also secured for a value of 1 Million Dollars. His iconic Pin Up image has been included in the list of “100 photographs that have changed the world”, influencing his time and the style of future generations with his style.


Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth, Pin Up
Rita Hayworth: 1918-1987, United States

Her real name was Margarita Carmen Cansino, dubbed the Goddess of Love (The Love Goddess) is a Pin Up icon of all time. Actress and dancer, daughter of a famous Spanish flamenco dancer, is very famous strawberry blond hair. Her hair was actually black, with a Latin beauty, and she had to undergo several sessions of removal because she had a very low attachment. After these small changes in her look and the change of name, advised by Columbia Pictures producer Harry Cohn, Hayworth climbed the charts playing many roles, also alongside Fred Astaire. The character mangiauomini, Gilda, played in 1946, will remain attached to him forever as an alter ego, also because in private life he married 5 times. During World War II, the art of decorating the fuselage of bombers and fighter planes spread with the Bomber Girls in the US Army Air Force. These were images of attractive women, often Pin Up, considered mascots and lucky charms that would assure the safe return of the plane at home: it became famous for this too. In 1946 Hayworth’s lips were elected the best in the world by the Artists League of America, then Max Factor chose her as a testimonial for lipsticks and make-up and is also part of the list of the 25 greatest Hollywood actresses in Classic Cinema, according to the American Film Institute.

Jane Russell

Jane Russell, Pin Up
Jane Russel: 1921-2011, United States

Her full name was Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell, nicknamed the “Sweater Girl”, along with other Pin Up actresses of the period like Lana Turner and Jayne Mansfield, was named for her hourglass shapes that were even better emphasized with this garment. The photo chosen is definitely the most famous and the exhibition lying and relaxed on a pile of hay, holding a revolver. A film and musical actress, Russell has had a long and successful acting career, and was later best known for her part alongside Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film “Men Prefer the Blondes” (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) .



Esther Williams

Her full name was Esther Jane Williams, nicknamed the “Little Mermaid of Hollywood” (Hollywood’s Mermaid), she was both a sports icon, she was in fact a synchronized swimming athlete, and a filmmaker in the ’40s and’ 50s.

Esther Williams, Pin Up
Esther Williams: 1921-2013, United States

American, beautiful, good and smiling, before her she had never been filmed under water based on swimming. With her sinuous movements and her unmistakable Pin Up style, Williams has been an icon of many grown up girls and girls dreaming of looking like her, dreaming of the magical happiness that she transmits in all her films.


Veronica Lake

Her real name was Constance Frances Marie Ockelman, dubbed The Peek-a-boo Girl for her famous wavy hairstyle, whose fringe covered her right eye.

Veronica Lake, Pin Up
Veronica Lake: 1922-1973, United States

In the 1940s, women across America sacrificed half their vision to imitate this hairstyle. She, long haired and platinum blonde, chose the surname of Lake (lake) to evoke the color of her blue eyes. La Lake, in addition to being a sex symbol is also considered the dark lady par excellence as it has been the protagonist of many film noir and horror.


Ava Gardner

Her full name was Ava Lavinia Gardner, she was discovered by Metro Studios Goldwyn Mayer when she was 18 years old.

Ava Gardner, Pin Up
Ava Gardner: United States 1922 – England 1990

Very famous were his photos from Pin Up on the beach in a bathing suit, La Gardner soon became a Hollywood and Femme Fatale diva. He had numerous romantic relationships, he married 3 times and his great love was the singer Frank Sinatra, The Voice, her third husband. She was also a great friend of the writer Ernest Hemingway. Actress and singer, intelligent and beautiful, is on the list of the 25 greatest Hollywood actresses in Classic Cinema, according to the American Film Institute


Bettie Page

Her full name was Bettie Mae Page, nicknamed the “Queen of Pin Ups”, influenced entire generations with her unique charm and fun sensuality.

Bettie Page, Pin Up
Bettie Page: 1923-2008, United States

Thanks to the distinctive sign of recognition, her bangs, designed to hide her high forehead, today is definitely the most famous and recognizable Pin Up model, although her entire modeling career lasted only seven years, from 1950 to 1957. Definite “One of the most enduring brands in America”, Bettie is still an iconic figure, especially in pop culture, influencing sexuality and taste in fashion, and you can easily find her image on merchandise, comics and posters. Page was elected “Miss January 1955” for Playboy magazine. It is surely to Bettie Page the invention of the “Burlesque” as we know it today, and has become a source of inspiration for numerous characters such as Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry and Madonna, to give just a few example.


Marilyn Monroe

Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, dubbed The Blonde Bombshell (literally The Blonde Bomb but actually Bombshell is used to define, in American, a very attractive woman), is perhaps the most famous woman in the world and recognized as a sex symbol for excellence.

Marilyn Monroe, Pin Up
Marilyn Monroe: 1926-1962, United States

Idol of culture Pop and icon of all time, Marylin began her career as a model Pin Up and then become an actress and singer. Known for her short blond platinum hair, her scarlet mouth and her soft, sinuous body, Monroe actually had brown hair, which she lightened with hydrogen peroxide. Curiosity: she never wore a bra or glasses, which gave her a special charm in her eyes due to a strong myopia. With the sensuality and innocence at the same time, we love Marylin and we will talk more in depth in our Blog, with articles dedicated to her. We only mention the fact that he had a very difficult life full of suffering, even today, in part, shrouded in mystery, helping to make it even more famous.


Become a Pin Up 4 One Day, living an amazing and unforgettable experience in Thailand!


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Cherry Dollface – modern Pin Up, American

With over 314 thousand subscribers on YouTube and over 430 thousand followers on Facebook, Cherokee, the real name of Cherry Dollface, is very active in spreading the Pin Up culture in the world. Through his tutorials he gives advice on how to be a “real Pin Up”, from hair, to make-up, to style, to advice on how to pose for a photo-shooting … besides his sympathy with real life segments and even cooking , is a real reference point for all modern Pin Up. She organizes courses and photo shoots for aspiring Pin Up, she is a competition judge in many competitions and shares our philosophy: for this reason, besides loving her, she is one of our sources of inspiration! For more information and photos:

Miss Victory Violet – modern Pin Up, New Zealand

With over 213 thousand followers on Instagram, over 85 thousand on Facebook and 23 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Ella, the real name of Miss Victory Violet, is very active in spreading the Pin Up culture in the world. From the beautiful blonde strawberry hair and always combined with the purple color, which he adores, now he lives in London where he works as Pin Up for various fashion companies. Becoming a Pin Up has changed her life, as a vintage blogger she has become an icon of charm. Becoming Miss Pinup New Zealand in 2014 and Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2015, is famous for her always elegant outfits and her workshops on how to become a Pin Up around the world that are always sold out. For more information and photos:

Dita Von Teese – modern Pin Up, American

With over 2 million and 200 thousand followers on Instagram and over 2 million and 300 thousand on Facebook, it is currently the best-known Burlesque performer in the world. Born in 1972, her real name is Heather Renée Sweet and she is an artist, a model, a testimonial of make-up brands, but above all she is the Queen of Burlesque. For more information and photos: DitaVonTeese

Tess Holliday – modern Pin Up, American

In a world of fashion that is, in our own way, currently based on the unhealthy principle of extreme thinness, Ryann Maegen Hoven, the real name of Tess, has established itself on the market as a model for big sizes called also Curvy or plus size. It self-defines itself obese, because it is the truth, but not for this does not have the right to feel beautiful, because this is the truth! Marked by years of bullying because of its weight but with the dream of becoming a model, Tess opens an Instagram profile and from there launches the #effyourbeautystandards campaign, that is “to the devil the beauty ideals of which we are all victims” and becomes the first model of history with size 22! To understand each other better; the average size of the American models is between 4 and 2 while it arrived, before her, for the Curvy Models at size 16 at most. With over 1 million and 500 thousand followers on Instagram, Tess is our positive icon par excellence and source of inspiration. For more information and photos: TessHolliday

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard – modern Pin Up, England

With over 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 46,000 followers on Instagram is very famous in the LGBT world (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community), is deaf and lives with chronic diseases and disabilities. She loves vintage and is a Pin Up that inspires us all. She is married to Claudia and is a very famous Youtuber. For more information and photos: MissJessicaKH

Angelique Noire – modern Pin Up, American

With over 69 thousand followers on Instagram and over 50 thousand on Facebook, it is the first modern color Pin Up. In the past there have been some examples of Pin Up with the black skin, like Madeleine Sahji Jackson, but thanks to her, today the Pin Up feel fully represented. It has always been an international model, but around 2010 we find ourselves passionate about vintage and Pin Up and start to represent our interests in an excellent way. For more information and photos: theblackpinup

Micheline Pitt – modern Pin Up, American

Designer, artist, model and Pin Up born in 1984, takes inspiration from the 50s fashion of bad girls with a mix of fetish, and becomes a successful woman her clothing brand Vixen. Followed by over 86 thousand people on Facebook, the Pitt is beautiful and sensual, is very famous in the world and is a source of inspiration for us. For more information and photos: Micheline Pitt

Doris Mayday – modern Pin Up, American

With over 143,000 followers on Instagram and over 50,000 on Facebook, the redhead Ashley, the real name of Doris MayDay, is an internationally recognized beauty, especially for her Pin Up and Rockabilly style. For more information and photos: DorisMayDay

Claire Sinclair – modern Pin Up, American

With over 150,000 followers on Instagram and over 510,000 on Facebook, she is a famous Pin Up model internationally, posing since she was 14 years old. Mora and attractive, Burlesque performer, was crowned sex symbol in 2011, becoming Playmate of the year for Playboy magazine. For more information and photos: ClaireSinclair25

Sabina Kelley – modern Pin Up, Australian

With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, of Australian origin and statues, he lives in Las Vegas, America. It has established itself as a modern Pin Up and icon in the international fashion industry, always present in dozens of covers and magazines, thanks to its beauty and its beautiful tattoos. He has been part of important advertising campaigns, television, music videos, calendars and much more. Sabina is a model, television star, businesswoman, wife and mother, and manages to do everything with grace and style. For more information and photos:


Become a Pin Up 4 One Day, living an amazing and unforgettable experience in Thailand!


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