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Pin Up 4 One Day

Pin Up in Thailand

PinUp 4 One Day is specialize in Vintage Photography, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our mission is to spread a “new” PinUp and Vintage culture here in Thailand, using pictures… that are worth a thousand words. There is no age, size, race or gender, PinUp style is for everyone, at least for One Day, to feel more femininity, carefree, confident and beautiful!  

Become a Pin Up 4 One Day, living an amazing and unforgettable experience in Thailand!

BOOK your Vintage photo shooting: is fun, full of polka dots dresses, hairspray and elegant shoes with oldies music, beautiful cars and you will live your “Diva” day… feeling as though you stepped into a time machine.  

We will make you a PinUp with unforgettable photos that will never go out of fashion!

Our Team is experienced in PinUp and Rockabilly styles, inspired by the photography and glamour of days past (read about it on our Inspiration page). Furthermore PinUp4OneDay will provide you vintage outfit, makeup and hairstyle.  

As a result of our fantastic collaboration with Oldies Works Garage, we can offer an exclusive photo shooting with Classic Vintage Cars.

You Deserve It!




What makes Pin Up 4 One Day unique?

We are a Team and our strength is the union of Love for vintage and PinUp culture, the Talent for photography and image correction programs and the great Passion in sharing tips about Vintage Fashion, Lifestyle, Hairstyle, Makeup, Tattoo, Travel and Motors!  

We love to share this passion with you, with our pictures and with our BLOG too!





We are proud to introduce our PinUp Girls

  For one day we transformed some beautiful women in Modern Pin Up and we had fun creating a complete vintage lookfrom make-up to hairstyle, with a background of 50’s music during the photo-shooting. By helping them to see femininity as a game space, which is not determined by size, shape, color or age, they fully share the mission of Pin Up 4 One Day.  


Meet our Pin Up Girls and look at all pictures:

Look at all high resolution photos on our Flickr channel!


Become a Pin Up 4 One Day, living an amazing and unforgettable experience in Thailand!


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